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In November of 2021, Lancaster County began the process to develop a new Comprehensive Plan: Lancaster 2040. The process will include a comprehensive analysis of the conditions shaping the future of the County. From the start of the project, consultants will work with County Staff and a Steering Committee.  The Steering Committee and County Staff will meet regularly to review findings, determine the best way to reach the public, and to draft the Plan. The initial phase of the project will include a baseline review that examines a wide range of data points and information related to land use, development, environmental features, infrastructure, existing plans, and similar information. The baseline review is anticipated to be completed by March 2022. During the baseline review, consultants will engage with focus groups, conduct listening sessions, and facilitate a community survey.

Interactive Project Timeline

From April thorough September 2022, the planning process will focus on topic areas such as growth management, transportation, agriculture, natural resources extraction, recreation, envrionmental resources, economic development, and community beautification.  A series of public meetings will be held to discuss these topics.  Between August and November 2022, area plans will be prepared for the three distinct geographic regions: the Panhandle, Greater Lancaster, and Southern Lancaster. Each planning area will have a separate focus group and one member from each focus group will participate on the County's Steering Committee. From November 2022 to March 2023, the Steering Committee will work with Planning staff and Benchmark Planning to prepare the full Comprehensive Plan. The adoption of the Plan is anticipated to take place during the summer of 2023. Please stay connected to find out ways that you can be involved throughout the process!