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What is a Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan represents the community's collective vision for the future. The Plan is a policy document which will provide a long-range strategic vision and direction to guide how the County grows and develops over the next 10 to 20 years. This Comprehensive Plan will closely examine growth management; transportation; loss of agricultural and rural lands; natural resources extraction; stormwater management; recreation, open space, environmental stewardship, and sustainability; economic development; and community beautification.

Why is Lancaster County Updating the Comprehensive Plan now?

In recent years, Lancaster County has consistently experienced significant growth in jobs, housing, and population making it one of the fastest growing counties in the region and the United States. The County needs to prepare for the next 10 years of growth. The Plan will help answer how, where, and what type of growth is anticipated in the future.  The Plan will also consider the areas of the County best suited for growth, and what that growth should look like.  In addition, the The Plan is mandated by South Carolina State Law: the Planning Enabling Legislation found in Chapter 29 of the South Carolina Code of Law. By law, Lancaster County must update its comprehensive plan every 10 years.

How will the Plan effect the County?

While not a legally binding “ordinance” in the degree of authority conferred by the adopted plan, the Plan does inform land use and development ordinances, particularly as the Planning Commission and County Council carry out their duties in guiding and facilitating the growth of the county.  The Plan also provides elected officials, appointed boards, and staff direction as they develop, prioritize, budget for, and implement projects, programs, and policies over the next 10 years. 

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